Kingsford Smith Drive

Rating: mostly flat | Length: 8.4km | Route taken

Nestled next to the river on Brisbane’s northside, the riverwalk – which is currently undergoing an upgrade – makes for a fantastic running trail. There are rest stops along the riverwalk with platforms that capture views towards the CBD – this is definitely one of the finest of Brisbane’s running routes.

Kedron Brook

Rating: mostly flat | Length: 10km | Route taken

There are 10 glorious kilometers of paved running bliss, along Kedron Brook Bikeway.

Parts of this lovely bikeway that regularly hosts runners, walkers, and their canine companions features sections where the lawn, copses of trees and brook bubbling nearby overtake your senses and you find yourself pounding the footpath for longer than you thought possible!


Rating: a bit hilly | Length: 12km | Route taken

Bunyaville Conservation Park is located to the northwest of central Brisbane, nestled between Albany Creek and Everton Hills. Come see what all the fuss is about, and experience one a popular favourite of Brisbane’s running routes. Start at James Drysdale Reserve at the Bunyaville park run area off Jinker Track, and make a big counter-clockwise circle by Collins Road Break, Jinker Track and stop off at the Northern Break for a rest and to observe the local wildlife. After a few more kilometers north you’ll be on the home straight – just head south on Bike Trail 1, and along Bowers Break until you arrive back at James Drysdale Reserve.

If you prefer to run with a group, why not join the Bunyaville Trail Runners who offer group trail running in Brisbane on various trails from D’Aguilar National Park to the Glasshouse Mountains.

Bannister Park to Boondall Wetlands

Rating: mostly flat | Length: 15km | Route taken

Boondall Wetlands, located in Brisbane’s north-east, is best known for its amazing variety of birdlife but is also home to a range of wildlife including possums, squirrel gliders, and butterflies. There are two bird hides located in the wetlands which provide excellent vantage points for viewing birdlife.

To get there, start in Hendra and make your way along Kedron Brook Bikeway past the airport. Stop off at Anne Beasley’s lookout for a great view of the wetlands and out towards Moreton Island. The Boondall wetlands is a great track for cycling or trail running in Brisbane with some bridges and road crossings but mostly paved running bliss. Along the way, there are several things to keep an eye out for including the Nurri Millen Totem Trail: a series of aluminum totems symbolising aspects of Indigenous culture in the wetlands, and the Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre which has displays and information on the reserve.

Kedron Brook to Mt Coot-tha

Rating: really hilly | Length: 19km | Route taken

You’ve made it to the elite of trail running in Brisbane. This one is a “toughie” and will put you through your paces. Jog along the familiar Kedron Brook Bikeway by the Banks Street Reserve and along Ithaca Creek Bikeway, before making your way to Mt Coot-tha, up the Powerful Owl Trail on the west side of the mountain.

The eureka moment at the top provides you with a beautiful view overlooking the city: all the way from Moreton Island to the southern ranges.

If you’d prefer a slightly easier slog, you can park your car at JC Slaughter falls and head up the Summit Track instead.

Interested in exploring? There are heaps of running (and hiking) trails throughout the Mt Coot-tha reserve, which you can check out here. Once you reach the top, why not reward yourself with a cooling drink from the Summit cafe, lie back on the grassy areas nearby and take in the view.

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve tackled a variety of Brisbane’s trail running circuits, why not get yourself a personal trainer from Define, to work on resistance training which can greatly improve your running and recovery rate! Get in touch now.