We are passionate about turning athletes into the very best versions of themselves and helping them excel in their chosen sports.

Youth Athlete Development Program

To run fast, jump high and react quickly, you must build a strong base. Our aim is to improve and enhance your athletic ‘base’, allowing us to help you reach your athletic peak; jump higher, sprint faster, react quicker, improve change or direction and help our athletes become stronger and more robust.  Not only will this allow an athlete to excel in their chosen sport, it will also aid in the prevention of injuries.

When a young athlete signs up to our Youth Athlete Development Program, they will undertake Functional Assessment during their first few weeks with us. This will help us identify strengths and areas for improvement.  This information will be used as a reference point to measure progress over time.

From the findings of the Functional Assessment, a weekly program is developed based on the athlete’s specific goals.  Each program is reassessed every 4-5 weeks to monitor the athlete’s improvement and progress towards their goals.

We strive to educate our athletes and their families and create a positive environment to train in. Hard work and fun goes hand in hand.


Adult Athlete Program

Youth athletes are not the only athletes we work with. We love helping adults take their sporting prowess to the next level. We have worked with clients from professional AFL, NBL, NRL, and even some NBA summer league players. If getting faster, stronger, jumping higher or becoming more agile is something you want to do, our world-class coaches can help you unlock your potential, and excel in your chosen sport.


Youth Adult Development Program Timetable