Elevate Training Centre

Elevate Training Centre is not your regular gym. We pride ourselves caring for every singe one of our members and fostering the community we have built over 10 years. When you become a member of our gym, you are not just another number, you are part of the family. Our gym offers state of the art equipment and a range of programs and classes tailored to suit all fitness levels, age groups, and experience. Whether you want to build strength, improve your sporting performance, tone up, lose fat or just to increase your general health and wellbeing – you will feel welcome and catered for at Elevate Training Centre.

Our trainers use their extensive and wide-ranging knowledge in exercise programming, correct technique, injury prevention/rehabilitation and functional anatomy to ensure your journey is safe and suitable for your current abilities, bringing a 360-degree approach to your health and fitness.

Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy

At Elevate Training Centre, we are committed to providing the best service for our clients. Our clinic has a range of multidisciplinary Allied Health services including Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Dietetics and Remedial Massage. With private treatment rooms for each of our clinicians, and access to a state of the art gym on site, our team have the expertise and facilities to support your rehabilitation journey.