Elevate FIT is group fitness with a difference designed to get you fitter, leaner and healthier than you have been before. From beginners to seasoned vets, all fitness levels are welcome!

We offer 4 separate workout styles over 6 separate days giving you access to 30 sessions every week.

SWEAT – There is more to cardio than just running. Our sweat sessions will get your heart rate up, get you sweaty and get your fitness through the roof while burning a whole lot of calories in the process.

STRENGTH – Love strength training? Curious about strength training? Or does it worry you? Our strength sessions will help you strengthen and tone your body as well as help you feel more confident using functional strength exercises to get the most out of your workout. All our strength sessions are programmed to focus on progression and our coaches are there to guide you and ensure your performing the exercises in a safe and effective manner.

ATHLETE – Train like an athlete. Look like an athlete. These sessions are a great mix of both strength and cardio exercises to burn calories and tone your muscles to get you in the best shape of your life.

MOBILITY – a perfect end to a busy week of desk sitting, phone scrolling and computer work. Our mobility session is designed to get your moving better, feeling better and help to prevent injuries.

BOXING – A 45 minute class designed to not only give you a great workout, but teach you the safest and most effective way to box. Each session starts with technique drills and is followed by a workout designed to get your heart rate up and send the calories flying!

Elevate FIT Timetable