Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated 31 March 2020

Definitions All defined terms in these Terms and Conditions have the meaning assigned to them by the Definitions set out herein:

ACN means Australian Company Number, as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

ABN means Australian Business Number, as defined by A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 (Cth).

Agreement means the terms and conditions contained in these Website Terms and Conditions herein, together with any quotation, order, invoice or other agreement document or amendments expressed to be supplemental to this Agreement, which includes but are not limited to, the Elevate Training Privacy Policy.

Client means an entity or person acting in their own capacity or on behalf of and with the authority of an account holder of the Elevate Training website, requesting Services. If a Client is requesting Services on behalf of their business, employer, or other organisation, then the Client is taken to have been duly authorised to act on behalf of their employer or that entity, and this Agreement will be binding on that person or entity as well.

Contractor means any person or entity proposing to complete the Services upon instruction of the Client.

Confidential Information means information of a confidential nature whether oral, written or in electronic form including, but not limited to, this Agreement, intellectual property, operational information, know-how, trade secrets, financial and commercial affairs, contracts, User information (including Personal Information), and pricing details.

Cookies means small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a data (including Personal Information) specific to a particular User and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the User’s computer.

Parties means any Contractor or Client.

Personal Information means information that could be used to identify a person, including but not limited to name, address, date of birth, occupation, driver’s license details, electronic contact details (such as email, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter details), and other contact information (where applicable), and Cookies. For the avoidance of doubt, an ABN or ACN is not Personal Information, but may be Confidential Information.

Profile Information means some Personal Information which will be provided by a User in setting up an account on the Elevate Training Website, but will not include Confidential Information, or information, including but not limited to, the User’s date of birth, driver’s license details, alternative contact details, financial account details, etc.

Services means the work completed by a Contractor at the request of a Client including but not limited to a project, assignment, job, task, work, or requirement for some other kind of service, and includes any Variations.

User means any user of the Elevate Training Website, which may include the Contractor, Client, or any other person.

Variations means any variations to the Services agreed to between the Parties, in accordance with the Contract of Service.

Website means a location which is accessible on the Internet through the World Wide Web and which provides multimedia content via a graphical user interface.

This Privacy Policy describes how Elevate Training handles User’s personal data, and sets out the rights and obligations that Users and Elevate Training have in relation to a User’s Personal Information.

By accessing Elevate Training’s Website, the User accepts and agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and acknowledges that their Personal Information may be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Except for any terms that are defined in this Privacy Policy, all other defined terms shall have the same meaning as that defined in the User Agreement.

Elevate Training may, from time to time, modify this Privacy Policy (and update the website page on which it is displayed). Elevate Training will send notification of any material modification to a User’s registered email address if they have provided those details to Elevate Training.

All emails, documents, images or other recorded information held or used by Elevate Training is Personal Information, and therefore Confidential Information as defined in this Agreement.

Elevate Training primarily stores information in Queensland-based servers. If you reside or are located outside of Queensland, Australia, Elevate Training may send and store your Personal Information in Australia in order to provide and operate our Website and facilitate providing Services to Users.

Elevate Training acknowledges its obligation in relation to the handling, use, disclosure and processing of Personal Information pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Privacy Act”) including Part IIIC of the Privacy Act, Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (NDB). and any statutory requirements, where relevant in a European Economic Area (“EEA”), under the EU Data Privacy Laws (including the General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”) (collectively, “EU Data Privacy Laws”).
If Elevate Training becomes aware of any data breaches and/or disclosure of Personal Information held by Elevate Training that results or may result in serious harm to a User, Elevate Training will notifying the User in accordance with the Privacy Act and/or the EU Data Privacy Laws.

Releases of Personal Information by Elevate Training will only be made accordance with the Act and the EU Data Privacy Laws (where relevant), and Elevate Training will not release Personal Information without the User’s written consent, unless required to do so by law.

Elevate Training uses the following Cookies.
Persistent Cookies: these Cookies do not have an expiration date and may be saved on a User’s computer hard drive, and can be accessed by the Website if the User closes and then later reopens the Website.

Session Cookies: these Cookies are stored in internet memory only, and are not saved onto a User’s computer hard drive, and will be lost after the computer browser closes.

Elevate Training agrees to notify users as to the use of Cookies and/or similar tracking technologies, such as pixels and web beacons (if applicable), if collecting the User’s Personal Information, including but not limited to:
IP address, browser, email User type and other similar details;
tracking website usage and traffic; and
reports made available to Elevate Training when Elevate Training sends an email to Users, so Elevate Training may collect and review that information.

Elevate Training will collect Cookies from all users of the Elevate Training Website. A User may disable the collection of Cookies through their internet browser, but in doing so may be prevented from accessing the site’s functionality.

Notwithstanding any of the above clauses, privacy limitations will extend to Elevate Training in respect of Cookies, where transactions for purchases/orders transpire directly from Elevate Training’s website.

Elevate Training will collect Personal Information when a User registers an account with Elevate Training. This may include any or all of the following:
name, address, email address, phone number and other contact details;
birth date and gender;
credit card and account details;
location, and the location where the User performs tasks; and
(viii)occupation, work experience, resume, qualifications, education, previously posted project for Services, preferred projects, skillset, interests, and other information relevant for a User’s fitness for tasks;
any other information a User adds to their profile;
Users who use the Website and Services by making an account are not anonymous, their Profile Information and other information they publish will become visible to other Users and potentially other internet users.

Elevate Training will contact Users directly with the Personal Information the User has provided in order to:
send updates on services, news and special offers, as well as information about affiliated service providers, if the User has opted-into receiving marketing communications;
send administrative and account-related messages, even if the User has opted out of receiving marketing communications; and
to establish and set up a User’s account, verify or re-issue a password, log User’s activity, enable User’s communications with other Users, provide customer support and contact Users from time to time.

Elevate Training may also collect other information from 3rd parties, such as data aggregators and public databases, which may be used to supplement the information provided by Users, in accordance with applicable laws. This may include but is not limited to:
checking ACN/ABN numbers;
undertaking fraud searches;
carrying out risk assessment efforts;
monitoring content integrity;
conducting security investigations;
verifying or authenticating information provided by Users; and
enforcing the Elevate Training Terms and Conditions of Service; and
(viii)comply with applicable laws.

Elevate Training disclaims any liability and does not guarantee that information Users send from a computer or other device over the Internet will be protected by encryption or any encoding software. Elevate Training does not warrant as to the security or privacy of User’s Personal Information communicated in this way, including payment and account details. Users transmit personal information to Elevate Training at their own risk and are entirely responsible for maintaining the security of their passwords and/or account information.

Elevate Training’s website may contain links to third party websites including the networks of affiliate service providers, advertisers, or make available services obtained from third parties, including verification services by third party verification providers. If Users follow a link to any of these websites, or use any services obtained from third party service that requires Users to provide Personal Information directly to such third parties (for instance third party verification providers), Elevate Training does not control, and does not accept any responsibility or liability for, the privacy policy of, and use of personal information by, any party other than Elevate Training, including any user of the website, the operators of any other website to which the website links, or third party service providers which Users provide personal information to, and does not warrant as to the treatment of this Personal Information by any other Website, which is governed by that other website’s own privacy policies.
User shall have the right to request (by e-mail) from Elevate Training:
a copy of the Personal Information about the User retained by Elevate Training; and the right to request that Elevate Training correct any incorrect Personal Information;
that Elevate Training does not disclose any Personal Information about the User for the purpose of direct marketing; and
a correction to any incorrect information held by Elevate Training in relation to that User,
subject to Elevate Training’s legal rights to retain or refuse to provide that information, or because the request is unreasonable.

Elevate Training will destroy Personal Information upon request (by e-mail), or if it is no longer required, unless it is required in order to fulfil the obligations of this Agreement, or is required to be maintained and/or stored in accordance with the law.
Elevate Training retains copies of information in their system to prevent information being accidentally or maliciously destroyed; Elevate Training makes no assurance that residual information of this kind will be deleted immediately if it is removed from the Website.
The User can make a privacy complaint by contacting Elevate Training via e-mail. Elevate Training will respond to that complaint within seven (7) days of receipt and will take all reasonable steps to make a decision as to the complaint within thirty (30) days of receipt of the complaint. In the event that the User is not satisfied with the resolution provided, the User can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner at
If you have any questions about this Policy or about the manner in which we process your personal data, you may contact Elevate Training by using the ‘Contact Us’ details on the Elevate Training website.

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