Do you want to make an effective exercise a staple of your daily life? Your biggest obstacle to getting in shape and feeling energised to workout is you are overloaded with either kids, work or life and need the support to adhere to your routine. Joining a gym program can be one of the best ways to help you create an exercise adherence.

If you’re looking for lasting and impressive results, you need a long term plan, regardless if it is a plan set to improve finances, relationships or your health. The plan, of course, can change with time, evolve, and be modified to suit the needs of your current situation but it can’t be random. The body like the mind needs consistent and gradually progressed training stimulus to achieve the best possible durability.

Benefits of Joining a Gym

The Power of Having a Consistent Routine

When each of us wakes up in the morning, we generally have a set routine. The routine has been perfected over time and some of us may have the ability to make each sequence of this routine roughly the same time length as we perform them each day. We become masters of efficiency within our own comfort and perform our daily rituals on auto-pilot before tackling a full day’s work.

Negative Response to a Disruption of Routine

Let’s for a minute just imagine that this changed and all of a sudden a new task arose in the morning that wasn’t traditionally apart of our auto-piloted routine. Imagine you have to take the car to the mechanic in the morning before work. We’ve all been there, it’s a pain, but you know there isn’t another alternative otherwise your car is at risk of breaking down or having issues arise because you didn’t take it in on time.

Maybe you were just listening to your car and weren’t exactly happy with how it was running so you scheduled it in early. Regardless, having to change up a perfectly good morning ritual is a complete pain in the ass and no matter what the issue with the car, you’ve still got to plan ahead to get it to the shop.

Overcoming Barriers & Settling into a New Routine

After the car is serviced however, things are good to go, you’re back on track, and you complete the rest of your morning tasks before you enter into the full swing of work. It might have been less comfortable than your normal morning waking up, but it’s one feat crossed off your list that you can add to the cookie jar. I guarantee that if this task of servicing your car became a weekly part of your routine, you’d get pretty damn good at that too and soon enough you’d be able to account for time just like you do now with your current rituals.

The same goes for your health, lifestyle and training goals. If we can plan things ahead like we do for our car service and stick to something regimented, then it allows our bodies to adapt as simply as they do to our morning rituals. Like the mechanic, it’s better to have a plan required for each service as a general guide and to adapt and evolve; making any adjustments and repairs that may be needed at the time of the service.

Creating (Exercise) Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle

Start thinking of your body as a car and your mind the driver. You don’t want to be driving around in some busted ass, bad fuel efficient, slow powered vehicle covered in bird shit. Think of your body like a Ferrari or Lamborghini or whatever it is you idolise as your ride, but remember that it has the capabilities to adapt to the mileage and outputs that you put into it. It can always increase in fuel efficiency, always gain more horsepower and become a complete machine so as long as you plan for it and train the way that machine would run.

By doing this and committing to a specific training program, individuals and athletes are able to practice exercises generating muscle and muscle memory in formats that are designed to improve their overall performance and make their car fly. This maximises their response to athletic development and recovery from the physical demands of their chosen sport or fitness goal through their program which makes them a vastly superior machine.